New England Homecare Solutions, Inc.

About Us

About Us

CHAP Accredited

New England Homecare Solutions (NEHS) is a CHAP accredited, Medicare certified home health care services company that is committed to the work of assisting and supporting our clients in creating a home environment where individualized healing is optimized and a return to independent living is facilitated through team collaboration that is guided by NEHS adopted core values and principles. 

Our Mission

It is the mission of New England Homecare Solutions (NEHS) to provide its clients with high-quality, evidence-based, and cost-effective healthcare services through effective team collaboration that is guided by the principles of human caring, and takes into consideration the individuality of every client, while preserving their human rights. 


  • The establishment of caring relationship with clients. (Marked by orientation stage, exploitation stage and termination stage)
  • The co-creation of an environment that promotes client healing. 
  • The treatment of clients as holistic beings (body, mind, and spirit)
  • The display of unconditional acceptance of clients in their uniqueness.
  • The treatment of clients with positive regard.
  • The promotion of healthfulness through evidence-based care.
  • The effective management of caring time (promotes relationship-based care that is sensitive to the cost of care)
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